Our Projects…..

I Land: Rs in lakhs
i) Cost of 3.75 acres of land purchased 37.00
ii) Estimated cost of 6 acres of adjacent land required for various projects 120
iii) a) Development of existing land for sports and athletics - football ground , cricket ground ,courts for games and a stadium 20.00
b) skating ring 3.00
c) Swimming pool 8.00
d) Open air amphi theatre 3.00
e) Parking area and garden 2.00
f) Green house and horticulture 1.50
TOTAL 194.50
II Buildings :
i) Rishi Mandir:
This building is under construction which will basically house the vidyalaya activities. This is a two storied (ground + two) building . The ground floor work is nearing completion Ground floor consists of office rooms, class rooms, and a open air courtyard in the centre. complete building is in conformity with the norms of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. When the building is complete it would have 30 rooms. The total built in area is 36000 sq ft
Estimated cost 250.00
ii) Residential building:
Two identical blocks of building one for boys and another for girls is planned . The building will be two storied. Each block can accommodate about 100 students The total built in area of each block is 10800 sq ft
Estimated cost two blocks 180.00
iii) Dhyana Mandir
This building called as Rishi Dhyan Mandir is a silence a zone for meditation and silence programs. The total built in area is 660 sq ft
Estimated cost 8.00
iv) Kitchen and dining :
This building called as 'Annapoorna' will serve as common kitchen and dining area for all the residents of Rishi Kshethra. The building is constructed to accommodate 500 persons at a time. The total built in area is 3400 sq ft
Estimated cost 29.00
v) Auditorium and Audio visual Theatre:
called as 'shivam', this auditorium will have a seating capacity of 1000. The total built in area 14500 sq ft
Estimated cost 90.00
vi) Workshops:
This will consist of three separate identical buildings. Here children will learn various skills in carpentry , mechanical , pottery and clay modeling etc., The total built in area of each unit is 1100 sq ft
Estimated cost three units 8.20
vii) Orphanage:
This building called 'Abhaya' will shelter destitute and economically backward children. The total built in area is 4275 sq ft
Estimated cost 24.00
viii) Old age home:
This building called 'Ashraya' is a shelter to old people to spend their remaining life peacefully. The total built in area is 4500 sq ft
Estimated cost 38.00
ix) Goshala:
This building called as 'Kamadhenu' will house the cattle which will provide milk required for the residents of Rishi Kshethra and the material required for the gobar gas plant . Cattle will also provide manure required for the organic farming activities. The total built in area is 2460 sq ft
Estimated Cost 14.00
x) Gobar gas plant:
This plant would provide sufficient fuel required for the Kitchen
Estimated Cost 3.00
Total 636.70
III Vehicles:
a) Mahindra School bus 2 nos 18.00
b) Maruthi Omni 2 nos 6.50
Total 24.50
IV Furniture:
i) Desk bench table etc required
a) Vidyalaya 14.00
b) Hostel 8.00
c) Dining Hall 5.00
d) Auditorium 20.00
Total 47.00
V Others:
i) Library Books 20.00
ii) Lab equipments 8.00
iii) Workshop materials 6.00
iv) Computer Lab 12.00
v) Audio visual equipments 5.00
vi) Sports games and gymnasium 8.00
vii) Fax printing Xerox etc 3.00
viii) Kitchen equipments 5.00
ix) Observatory 8.00
x) Micro light 10.00
xi) Agricultural implements etc 0.50
xii) Water pump and irrigation facility 2.00
Total 87.50
I Land: 194.50
II Buildings 636.70
III Vehicles 24.50
IV Furniture: 47.00
V Others 87.50
Total 990.20

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