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Chaithanya Vidyalaya
English medium school with C. B. S. E. syllabus.
School campus with trees and open space to conduct outdoor classes.
Well equipped library with books on academics, art, literature, history, culture and religion.
Programs to teach foreign languages like French, German, Arabic etc in addition to English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada & Malayalam.
Emphasis on meditation, pranayama & yogasana
Computer Laboratory
Play ground, swimming pool, skating ring. & other games.
Educational tours.
Carpentry workshop.
Mechanical workshop.
Pottery and clay modeling workshop
Micro Light flying club
Practical training in agriculture and related subjects
Involvement of parents in the activities of the school.
Periodic lectures and demonstrations by noble personalities of society and artists to inspire children.
Gurukula Residence for students
Leadership training camps for children
Other Projects
Rishi Chaithanya Dhyana Mandira - A place for Meditation & Silence
Rishi Chaithanya centre for yoga & vedic studies
Rishi Chaithanya centre for religious harmony and spirituality for the study of Geetha, Bible, Koran, Torah, Dhammapada, Gurugranthasaheb etc.
Rishi Chaithanya centre for fine arts
Rishi Chaithanya centre for astronomy
Rishi Chaithanya centre for astrology
Rishi Chaithanya Sanskrit School and centre for the study of ancient Indian scriptures
Rishi Chaithanya centre for martial arts including a kalary
Rishi Chaithanya centre for ayurveda
Rishi Chaithanya 'Kamadhenu Goshala'
Rishi Chaithanya centre for natural farming
Rishi Chaithanya Commune- to live in 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam'
Rishi Chaithanya Abhaya an orphanage
Rishi Chaithanya Ashrya an oldage home
Rishi Chaithanya Aranya - Preserving naturally grown trees and herbs
Rishi Chaithanya Mathru Seva Program- To protect and serve 'Mother Earth'
Regular 'sathsangs'
Organising free medical camps and medical assistance
Opening educational centers at economically backward areas.
Printing & Publishing.


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