Chaithanya Vidyalaya, Chaithanya Vidyalaya, Kasaragod is an educational institution run by Chaithanya Trust ,Kasaragod which is accreditated to national institute of open schooling, dept. of education, ministry of human resources development, Govt. of India under open basic education program as per NIOS accreditation No: OB0905612 and there by approved by Govt. of Kerala under GO(Rt) No: 2596/2003/G.Edn dated Thiruvananthapuram 7-7-2003.

At Chaithanya Vidyalaya, education is imparted to children in an environment of freedom. This freedom is experienced by the children on being initiated into meditation at an early age. Vision of the trust is to develop a child into a well balanced person who is capable of not only to take care of himself but also to contribute and serve the society as a leader. One ideal taught above all is "Living in Truth ".

Children are initiated into education at the age of two and half years at our schools called as 'Shishu Vihars' which impart education from Kiran(Pre-KG) to Udaya(UKG) level. These 'Shishu Vihars' are already successfully functioning at two places in Kasaragod District. First batch was started in the year 2003 and those children have successfully completed 10th standard in the accademic year 2015-16. There are in all, 622 children studying during the academic year 2019-20 from Kiran to 7th Standard and 56 staff attending on them.

Children on completing their years at 'Shishu Vihars' are admitted in to our regular school called Chaithanya Vidyalaya where education is imparted till 10 th standard. Apart from regular subjects under C.B.S.E. scheme, importance is being given to daily practice of meditation and pranayama along with other activities like sports and arts. Meditation calms the mind, increases their memory and helps the children to grow in the power of silence. Pranayama enhances the health and body immunity. 'Living in Truth' gives them tremendous strength to carry on their deeds. Children are taught that the purpose of accumulation of knowledge and wealth is also for the welfare of the society

Children are exposed to spiritual insights of ancient philosophy and rich heritage of India along with the teachings of great masters of the world. Children will also be taught true history of India and of the world. India's forgotten heroes are remembered.

Our children are also be initiated into 'Brahmopadesham' by a learned guru at a proper age. After the initiation, the children will reside at Rishi Chaithanya Gurukulam. Children will also be trained in agriculture related activities.

At Chaithanya Vidyalaya we have a group of dedicated teachers. Most of the teachers have got basic training which helps them to participate with the children with their own inner freedom. They also meditate with the children. At Chaithanya Vidyalaya each teacher enjoys the freedom of a mother creating an atmosphere of love. They are the real strength of our institution.


"We believe that every child is naturally endowed by nature to learn and acquire knowledge. We only have to provide an atmosphere of freedom and love where they learn naturally. We do not believe in enforcing too much discipline which curtails their creativity. Our vision is to build a generation who shall willingly lead the nation with their selfless work and sacrifice wherever they may be, whatever they may be"

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