> By extending donations to our general fund.
> By donating specifically towards construction of Rishimandiram by sponsoring the construction of one room.
> By sponsoring economically backward children bearing their annual educational expenditure.
> By sponsoring the annual feeding expenditure of one cow at the Goushala to enable us add new cows.
> By sponsoring any of our projects like Goshala, Center for Astronomy, Library etc.
> By donating lands situated in Kasaragod district to carry on any one of our projects.
> By sharing your expertise or specialized knowledge in a field which would help us to carry on our projects.
> By visiting our vidyalayas to share your knowledge with our students and teachers.
> By extending financial assistance in the form of temporary loans.
> By donating in cash or in the form of food grains, vegetables etc to carry on our Annaprasada program.
> By helping us in any other way to carry on our projects.